Sunday, March 7, 2010

Where the Wild Things Are

I watched Where the Wild Things Are last night and was thoroughly impressed. The story had depth and a strong message, and not just for kids. The theme had much to say about the human condition and our social tendencies... gave me a lot to chew on. Even though the main characters were beastly creatures, they had human voices, which I think was an important touch. It made me think about our human emotions. How in the moment when we feel pain, anger, sadness, etc., reacting with those feelings seems completely justified. When we take a moment to step back however, to think about how we have treated that person, we realize how much we care and love them. It's easy to act purely on emotion and in turn hurt someone; it's part of the human condition. Lucky for us, God gave us the ability to love and forgive one another!

The soft golden light and the lens flares throughout were gorgeous..... super inspiring, especially since I've been waiting for all this rain to go away and craving the sun.....

So all of this AND some beautiful cinematography. A new favorite most definitely!

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  1. I still have yet to watch this. I really do. It looks so lovely.

    love the blog + following you!