Sunday, April 18, 2010

Revisiting Past Photoshoots

It's always nice to go through old files from past photoshoots and find something that I previously overlooked. Editing right after a shoot with a certain idea in mind gets the job done, but then another look with a new perspective can produce surprising results. My skills always improve with time and my aesthetic is always changing... one week I'll be into contrasty black and whites and the next week I might be feeling airy and colorful. Model is Carmen. These were taken two years ago in June and I just now had the inspiration to edit and post them. Funny how that works.

Hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weekend!

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  1. I adοre your pictures!Especially the one below with the girls!So lovely...
    You're making a great job girl!Make a new post soon!
    I am following your blog, if you want check mine and follow back if you like it?!